Just Shoot Me Now

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Our Stuff Arrived

Our container arrived today, and I’m completely overwhelmed. I would much rather this had sunk midway across the Atlantic. Really. There are no less than 100 unopened boxes sitting in every space in the house, and any order that existed in our previous house has been completely erased, as all the boxes are in random locations now.

Funniest moment of the day: Cathy was standing at the kitchen sink washing out a glass container. Andrew, having just rediscovered his toy rubber snake, came up behind her and threw it towards her. This, of course, surprised her so much she dropped the glass container which shattered all over the floor.

5 thoughts on “Just Shoot Me Now

  1. The question is…Did CATHY think it was funny? Or were the obnoxious boys in the house the only ones laughing?

  2. Our boys prefer “storing” their rubber snakes in between the bedsheets, at the foot of our bed (my side of course).


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