Our good friends, Scott and Laura Puckett, started a church while we were gone, Christ Kingdom Church. It is one of several new churches in east Orange County Florida in the metro Orlando area of Central Florida. Right now we meet in a school, Avalon Middle School, as do most of the other churches in the area. One of the ways I help out in our new church community is by webmastering the site, or at least helping a bit. Scott set the site up himself and did a good job. But like the former Danube International Church site, which I also helped out on, it has a limited range of options.

It’s my goal to have Christ Kingdom Church rank high in search engine results for “churches in Orlando” and other related search phrases, but acheiving this goal requires making changes to the site which are not currently possible with the system in place now.

In the mean time, posts like this which link to the site, will give it added weight in the great minds of Google and Yahoo.

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