Faster Swimming

Last night after our anniversary dinner, Cathy and I dropped into a bookstore, and I found a book on swimming technique. This summer I have been doing about 1000 meters in the neighborhood pool after my morning runs, and I wanted to see if it had anything that could help me increase my speed. This isn’t really such a big deal, but I always like getting faster if I can. This morning I applied some of the things I learned, and I was amazed at the results. Normally it takes me about 4 minutes to swim 360 meters, but this morning I did it in 3:50. That is a 4% improvement, and I spent less energy doing it! I was pretty excited.

Then I applied another technique I learned in Europe. I lost my American boxer style swim trunks and did the next few 360 meter segments in a Speedo. Yes, a Speedo. I realize that is almost as bad as mowing the yard in black executive socks here in America, but I did it anyway. Cathy fears if I keep this up I will soon become known as “that weird man at the pool who wears the Speedo”.

This dropped another 10 seconds off my 360 meter time; 3:40! Pretty cool.

Now I really have a dilemna. Do I keep swimming in a Speedo or go back to dragging my old suit through the water? Maybe if I stick with the Speedo I’ll have the pool to myself in the mornings.

3 thoughts on “Faster Swimming

  1. More drag means more resitance. Takes more time, but makes you stronger.

    When I coached swiim team, I let the kids wear anything they wanted on Fridays. The loved it. Jeans, shoes, shirts, whatever. What they didn’t realize (some finally did) is that is was a tougher workout for them!

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