Bloggers’ Party

Bloggers' Party

The Bloggers’ Party

Grant (and Amy) called the party at High Tide Harry’s tonight, and we all had a great time. It didn’t take long for us to agree that we missed Rob and Patricia but didn’t feel sorry for them one bit. (Vancouver beats Hwy 50 and Semoran Blvd.)

Andrew and Virginia we met for the first time. We hadn’t even read their blogs, but we found out that Virginia will soon be our working neighbor over at Wycliffe, and Andrew is doing something both Cathy and I envy; going to a school of design. They moved to Orlando this summer and are in the discovery mode and seem to be doing quite well at it, too.

Paul and Cathy kept us entertained with stories from Warrior, Alabama where Paul was a band director. They said it probably wouldn’t rank high in the list of most desirable cities in the U.S., but it is apparantly so far off that list it sounds compelling. And yes, we discussed the post. [And I made sure the apostrophe in this post title is in the right place.]

It didn’t surprise me to find out that Grant never edits himself. Write then post. Let someone else read it. That’s one of the reasons I like him so much; OCD types like myself admire the things so lacking in ourselves when we see it in others. And we found out what got fixed on the car and why. D’oh.

Cathy and Amy were the only ones who could relate to the group as normal people who don’t blog, but by the end of dinner even Cathy was starting to think about writing one.

And all the guys said that I had inspired them to start swimming in Speedo’s, too. Don’t believe them if they deny it.

6 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Party

  1. Concerning Speedos – I think you got us confused with your other blogger friend that you used to work with and might still be my brother-in-law….

    What a great night…let’s do it every week!

  2. Good times, new friends. Good times.
    And apparently, though you may be an OCD-type, you aren’t as OC as me; or you’d have spell-checked “apparently” before clicking “Publish.”
    Or did you just leave it so that my new job as Typo Nazi wouldn’t be wasted?! (wide grin.)

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