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USB Drive Application Menu

My friend, Russ, made this cool USB drive that has a bunch of applications that run from it. All you do is plug it into a computer, and off you go. It has enough room for storing files and things you’d need to travel with. The whole thing is encrypted, too. I’m writing this post using a version of Firefox running from this USB drive.

These are tough little devices, too; SanDisk Cruzer Titanium (1.0 Gb). Russ tells me he’s heard of people leaving them in their pocket and jumping into the ocean, running them over with cars, and sending them through the laundry – all to find the device keeps working.

The devices cost about $50 each, but the software (all free) is loaded by Russ to distribute to our staff members who don’t have computers of their own. I got to test one of them as a creative outlet for my repressed geek side.

I’m going to start calling Russ “Q”.

3 thoughts on “This is cool!

  1. I am honored, to be sure, by my friend’s kind words. The more humble side of this project is that I need a few more friends like Jerry with repressed geek aspirations 😉 I could use a little help looking under the hood at my code for problems and for refining the menus and help system to make it even more “user friendly.”

    Contact me for a copy of the developers kit.

  2. Russ, if you read this and can somehow get it to me, I’d be in for a test copy.

    Shortly after a recent trip, I had yet to find my way-off-brand-name little USB drive that I had with me on the trip. Not to worry, it would show up. Finally my sweet wife came to me with it and asked if it was waterproof and heat-resistant…think laundry cycle. Still using it though. Works like a charm

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