Budapest Reunion

Budapest Reunion Friends

Hertzlers, Rodds, Parkers, Burroughs

Jack and Diane Parker are in town, so we got them up to the house along with two other couples who moved from Budapest to Orlando this summer. There is a unique experience we all share, living in Budapest, which makes our friendship in this context extra meaningful. Only this group would appreciate one of our prized possessions from Budapest; a menu from the Adler. We’re all making adjustments to our new lives, and it was good to dump those things out around friends who were in the same process. We miss Budapest, but it’s nice to have some of Budapest here with us, too.

2 thoughts on “Budapest Reunion

  1. It’s Day 6 for me in Budapest and I do believe I’ve eaten at the Adler 5 times. And yesterday, we ordered “The Jerry” for dessert. There was a little confusion as to whether we ordered “the cherry” or “the Jerry”, but at any rate, you are quite the legend.

  2. Wow! Great picture–I didn’t expect it to hit me like it did, so as I wipe the tears from my eyes and try to figure out life as an American with a home in Budapest, living in someone’s basement in Indiana until our support comes in…I’ll just stop and thank the Lord for His sovereignty that let us know your dear family and the saints in that picture for a time in Hungary. Hope to see you in January during x-track!

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