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Windows Desktop Search

First there was Google Desktop Search. It wasn’t a new idea, Windows has had such a feature already built in for years, but Google’s tool responded quickly enough to make it worth the searching effort. The original Windows search tool was virtually useless. It never found anything, and it took forever doing it.

Then there was Lookout for Outlook for those not inclined to use Google’s tool. I liked it better than Google, but it had some issues.

Now there is Windows Desktop Search. Microsoft observed how others did it, and they made something that beats them all. (Actually they bought Lookout for Outlook and improved it.)

I like using this so much I thought it was worth posting about. Having a comprehensive search tool means that there is small need to file your information. Just search for it instead. Even if I know where something is located, it is often faster to search for it and click the results window – rather than drill down through several directories to get it.

You can limit your search to subcategories: just photos or just files or just email, etc. It can “see” inside just about any file type you have, and it keeps its index updated on the fly without slowing down your computer. If you have never used a desktop search tool like this, I would highly recommend trying this one. And like anything good from the Internet these days, it’s free.

4 thoughts on “You Should Try Windows Desktop Search

  1. It looks like the world has finally caught up with Apple again. “Spotlight” comes built into Mac OS X and has for some time. It’s faster than all get out too.

  2. They haven’t caught up yet – not even close. Having uses both google desktop on XP and spotlight on OS X, there is no comparison. Spotlight is MUCH faster, and doesn’t just search for files; it searches the contents of the files. It can search the contents of word docs, pdfs, music lyrics…

  3. I haven’t used Spotlight personally, so I can’t compare speed, but both Google and Windows Desktop Search perform the searches inside files, too.

    Windows Desktop Search is a bit sluggish. It finds initial results quickly, but opening a full search window takes it several seconds.

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