I Found My Alter-Ego

Writing a blog from Hungary was easy for the first year. There was so much interesting material and so much that was different from my norm. Since I’ve been back I tried observing things as an ex-American, but I couldn’t. I am an American, and life here is completely normal.

Tonight Cathy found my alter-ego; someone from our village in Hungary who just began living here in the U.S. and is blogging about it. This was fascinating to us, and his observations are intriguing. It’s worth a stop by his site. This is a link to his post about his home (our former home); Budaörs.

2 thoughts on “I Found My Alter-Ego

  1. …and I see that Peter has migrated to the epicenter of technology and earthly knowledge, my dear alma mater, Georgia Tech.

    I’ll certainly be watching this blog as a fellow “migrant” from Budapest to metro Atlanta.

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