First High School Football Game

Timber Creek High School Football Game, Orlando Florida

Timber Creek High School Football Game

Tonight was Timber Creek High School’s homecoming game, so we decided to go. 6,000 fans packed into bleachers that held 5,000, and the energy level was high. The TCHS Wolves beat the Boone Braves 41-28, so it was an exciting game. We sat with friends and had fun finding the kids of our friends from the football team, cheerleading team and marching band. This was nothing like my high school experience when my graduating class was 34 people, and our school didn’t have a football team! This was the first high school football game I’ve attended, and I think it might also be the first football game of any level that I have watched live.

4 thoughts on “First High School Football Game

  1. You didn’t say whether you liked it or not?? That experience is what we lived for at my high school. Friday night football was EVERYTHING! Take that same experience but imagine 70,000 people who are exponentially more energized and you have Texas Aggie football. See why we are a bit loony???? I LOVE IT!!

  2. Yes, I liked it very much.

    I thought of you and Tom while we were there. I figured that since I enjoyed the game and felt a sense of identity with the TCHS Wolves that Tom would certainly be as into the game as Pat O’Bryan was, sitting next to us howling like wolf at every chance he got! It was fun.

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