Canine Karma


Annie’s New Harness

While I accept grace from God rather than karma, I am happy to see the animal world in my house get a little karma. That is, what comes around goes around. Or rather, what you send around comes back around to you.

Annie, as you know from previous posts, is terribly neurotic. This is entertaining, but what you may not know is how much she barks. The list of things which send her off barking grows every day, and some days it drives all of use crazy. About five days ago this began to change.

One night she couldn’t stop coughing, and this continued into the morning. It subsided for a couple days but resumed later until we took her to the vet. The vet says she has a collapsing trachea, something common in small dogs as they age. When Annie gets excited, like when she’s barking, she starts coughing and gagging. It is harmless, if not a bit annoying, but we couldn’t have come up with a more effective remedy for the barking! The vet also recommended a harness rather than a collar; less pressure on her throat when she tries chasing the neighborhood cat or the egrets in the backyard.

This made things even funnier. She won’t hardly walk with this harness on. I’m not sure if she’s embarrassed or confused, but it slows her down to almost a standstill. We know there is nothing wrong with her, so this has provided a new level of entertainment.

In a week or two this will probably all be past, but it has been a gratifying relief from the barking while it lasts.

[Update 7 Dec: Yep. It wasn’t a collapsing trachea after all. Probably just kennel cough. The barking has resumed to previous levels, but Annie is back to her old self again.]

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