Month: January 2007

Andrews Band

Andrew's Band

Andrew’s Band

If the garage wasn’t always too hot here in Florida, this would be another garage band. Andrew’s room works just as well.

They play at youth group on Wednesday nights sometimes, and this was their practice session. They don’t have a name, but everyone likes it when they play. I’m one of the roadies; hauling drums back and forth in the van.

Grandma Snyder

Yesterday Cathy’s sister called saying their grandma was not doing well. She passed away during the night. I just returned from taking Cathy to the airport for the funeral and time with her family in St. Louis, Missouri and Industry, Illinois.

Mary Snyder lived a good life and finished well. She followed Jesus and gave much of her life working as her church’s secretary. Cathy has a lifetime of fond memories with her, and I have almost 20 years of them. She was the only great grandparent Andrew and Audrey really knew. We will miss her.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons


Ballroom Dancing Lessons

A place I thought I’d never be in my life was the place I was last night, a ballroom dancing class. Because I knew Cathy would enjoy doing this together we signed up for a six week class to learn how. The classes are sponsored by our church as a community connection point, so I didn’t have to go too far out of my way to make it happen.

Watching Cathy and me was not like watching Emmitt Smith or anything, but our instructors could dance pretty well. We looked more like what we were, beginners.

It was more work than I expected, but more surprising, I enjoyed it.

Document Management by Andrew


Document Management Made Fun

What to do with 5 years worth of old financial documents and tax records?

Shredding takes too long and gets extremely boring after 5 sheets.

I once tried throwing all my old papers in a trash bag and adding paint. That didn’t work too well, and the paint never dried.

Another time I tried soaking papers in bleach, hoping the ink would disappear. That didn’t really work either.

Fire worked. I probably could have charged Andrew for the privilege of burning all these papers!

Git-R-Done in 2007

They say if you write down your goals you’re more likely to accomplish them, and if you tell someone else about them you’re even more likely to be successful. So I figure if I post my goals here they are almost as good as done.

Here’s an abridged list for 2007 in the order they came to mind.

1. Lose weight. This is the second time in my life for this to make it to the annual goal list. The first time was back in 1987 after two years of dorm food when I concluded there was no reason for me to be north of 170. This morning I was 79 kg, having spent the last three years at 77. I’d like to return to 77 by April (c.f. next goal) and end the year at 75 kg. (Sorry, we bought a metric scale in Hungary and brought it back with us, so I no longer weigh in pounds.)

2. Run the IOA 5k under 20:00 and the OUC Half Marathon under 1:40. This goal is likely dependent on the success of goal #1, my travel schedule, and my motivation.

3. Read through the Bible along with the rest of our church. It’s after 3 pm, and I better get crackin’ for today’s reading! Dave B put together some great interesting facts for each week of our reading.

4. Pay off our auto loans. The auto savings account got partially used to move us home last summer.

5. Family vacation to Langewood. On the way back from our Campus Crusade Staff Conference we hope to get some time here.

6. Unclutter the house and attic. 5 more boxes to unpack from last summer’s move (all mine), half a garage to clear, and an entire attic of things we never missed a bit while were gone in Hungary for three years.

7. Help launch in Central Asia. Actually I could (and need to) spend a few hours thinking through more detailed plans and goals for the year for ministry, but I need to do this in the context of our team.

8. And finally……Write something once a week on this blog. Interesting bits of life come by less frequently now that we live in the US, but I’ll try to pay attention and not miss them.