On Green Pond

Green Pond

The Green Pond

Yesterday the retention pond behind our house turned a teal shade of green. It looks like the liquid in portable toilets. My guess is that the neighborhood association added weed killer – in enormous amounts. So far the fish have not died, so maybe it’s not quite as toxic as it looks. It takes a lot to really frustrate me, but this succeeded.

3 thoughts on “On Green Pond

  1. I got an explanation:

    Because this pond is so shallow it’s very difficult to keep the algae under control. They sprayed a blue die to help filter out the sunlight which will cut down on the algae growth. Because the pond is so shallow, sunlight heats the water up and creates more algae.

    Our neighborhood hires a pond management company to take care of the retention ponds. Their website http://www.ponds.org has lots of information about ponds.

  2. Oddly, it is very near the shade of blue used in the Log Flume ride at Six Flags. Hm… Does anything about it make you crave a funnel cake?

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