The Dynamic Duo

Muffin & Annie

Muffin & Annie

Annie stayed with her best friend, Muffin, while we were in St. Louis last week, and now Muffin came to live with us for a few days while her parents are away. While she is here, she’s teaching Annie some new tricks.

At Muffin’s house all the good stuff is out of reach of the dogs, but at our house it’s just above dog-nose level. This is where Muffin has the advantage because she is taller than Annie and can locate the canister with the doggie treats. Annie never knew this before today, but Muffin showed her all about it.

First you locate the canister then knock it off the shelf with your nose. This causes the lid to fall off, and then the rest is easy.

When Cathy came back home she said dog treat wrappers were spread around the house and hardly a milk bone was left. Annie slinked off into her corner with a guilty look on her face, but Muffin couldn’t have been happier. Any place that puts the cookies on the lower shelf is all right in her book!

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