Giant Birds Eat Helpless Snake

Sandhill Cranes In Our Backyard

Sandhill Cranes In Our Backyard

These two adult sandhill cranes (red caps) picked off a helpless baby snake from our yard this morning for their baby crane. From the picture you can see why these birds exist in plentiful numbers here in Central Florida. They aren’t intimidated by suburbia in the least, let alone a snake.

Everyone hates snakes which makes me like them more. I had one as a pet when I was a kid, so they have my sympathy and protection. The cranes have just lost both. (Yes, I know it’s the natural order of things. I’m just trying to keep the tabloid interesting here.)

I took two things out the back door when I took this picture; my camera and the dog. Rather than fly away like most backyard animals, they turned and gave me and the dog the once-over. Annie was even barking at them, but they didn’t flinch. I suppose if I had a beak like theirs I would think it might be fun sport to jab it into a yappy little dog like Annie. Especially after devouring a snake.

3 thoughts on “Giant Birds Eat Helpless Snake

  1. That’s cool…even though you don’t like them eating snakes. Once I got to watch a red-shouldered hawk land in our backyard catching a snake in it’s talons. He slurped that sucker down like it was black spaghetti. Awesome!

  2. why do idiots keep snakes as pets, they arent meant to be domesticated, and theres cases of large snakes killing and maiming its owners/children. i guess people want to be “different”, morons.

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