Eating and Drinking in Busan Booth CM2007 Booth at CM2007

After the first full day here in Busan we have our booth set up, we’re oriented, and we found a local restaurant that didn’t have a Latin alphabet character anywhere in it.

Busan, South Korea Restaurant

Busan Restaurant .

Their menu was painted on the outside window, so to order we stepped outside with the waitress and pointed to which dish we wanted. It came in a big skillet that stayed hot with a gas burner built in to our table. It was authentically Korean, but after that my two coworkers decided they would either eat in their room for dinner or go to McDonald’s. I gave in later and grudgingly went along to McDonald’s for dinner. In Budapest we referred to McDonald’s as the American Embassy because you could always find Americans there. That was a fitting description of the one here, too.

South Korean Cup

Envelope Cup

I also learned a new way to drink water; out of an envelope. Instead of paper cups that look like a cone or a cup, next to water coolers here they have the equivalent of an ATM cash sleeve. You open the top, pour in the water and do your best to drink it before spilling it all over the front of you.

After dinner we took a stroll on the walkway along the beach. It was a nice end to the day.

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