Craig’s List Carpet

Craig's List Carpet

Carpet from Craig’s List

Living with pets requires living with messes. I don’t like that, but the cost of the pet is worth the benefit for the rest of the family. The most recent casualty is that our family room carpet has become pretty – well, tired from being messed on. After living on a wood floor for three years in Budapest we came to love wood, and we’d like to put wood down and be done with it, but that’s not an option right now. Nor is new carpet. Nor is the current carpet. We even considered treating the concrete floor and adding area rugs. We were desperate for a solution, so we prayed.

The next day God provided.

Cathy started looking on Craig’s List and found enough nearly-new carpet to cover our family room and then some – for $50. We think the carpet is an exact match to what we have, too. The previous owners of the carpet had purchased a new-construction home and then removed this “builder carpet” after a couple months. It’s very likely they had the same builder we did or that their builder used the same supplier. It’s the same carpet, either way.

Now we just need to find a pad and figure out how to install it.

One thought on “Craig’s List Carpet

  1. In the end this didn’t work out. Once we unrolled it, we discovered it was full of stains and dirt. We had not unrolled it before purchase. Oh well.

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