How To Save $50 And Enjoy It

Entertainment Books for Sale

Entertainment Coupon Book ’08

Shop at Publix? You can save $20. Eat at restaurants in your area? You can save $15 going out for dinner.

Sound like a commercial? It is.

Audrey is selling Entertainment Books to raise money for her school. You can help her and save money, too. Need an easy wedding gift or Christmas gift? This is your solution. And there are editions for most major cities in the U.S.

If you live in Orlando, we can deliver one to your door for $25 ($5 off regular price). Just contact me. Or you can order one online.

For almost any other city you can buy a book online, too. Just supply Audrey’s code, 110306, on this page, and she will get credit for your purchase. Half the cost of each book sold goes toward our school, so buy some for all your friends!

You can also leave a comment below with your email address, and I can have Entertainment, Inc. send you a special email with a link to purchase coupon books that credit toward Audrey’s school.

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