First Day Back

First Day of School - Andrew & Audrey

First Day Back at School

Today was Andrew and Audrey’s first day back at school. They’re really too old now to make a big deal about the first day of school, but this is more for the record.

Andrew brought back homework on his first sophomore day and a heavy class load. Four Advanced Placement classes, French II (difficult), and a computer graphics class, his only easy one. He’s not excited about school to begin with, so we’ll see how long this schedule lasts.

Audrey starts her last year at Trace Academy, 8th grade. She would have started high school this year if it were possible.

The picture above is Photoshopped.

First Day of School Andrew First Day of School Audrey This is how it really looked. Andrew left in the dark before Audrey was awake (and before he was fully awake), and by the time I got home I didn’t have the heart to make Audrey get her school clothes back on for a picture together.

2 thoughts on “First Day Back

  1. Thanks for sharing this annual tradition with us once again . . . even if it was a photoshopped moment!

    The years are flying by. Seth’s now an official Kindergartener.

    –Beth S

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