Month: January 2008

Mostly Fixed

Front Door Repair Project - Outside View

Front Door Repair

Today I spent all day fixing the door, but I finished before the rain started. My plan worked, but I did one step in the wrong order and had to improvise a work around. I installed the door jamb replacement piece before installing the threshold, and the door jamb blocked the threshold from sliding into place.

I still have about a day of work on this, mostly painting and fixing the trim pieces. My friend, Dave, not only helped me by scraping old caulk and running to the store for more parts, but he saved me several hours by noticing that my cut piece of wood was enough for both replacement pieces. I had planned to sculpt another piece, something that would have cost two hours and may not have even worked at that. Thanks, Dave.

But Wait! There’s More.

Rotten Front Door Wood

Rotten Front Door Wood

Last Saturday I spent most of the day figuring out how I was going to fix my front door problem. It started out with the discovery of more rotten wood under my front door to go along with the rotten door jamb wood. Three trips to Home Depot and several hours later I had a plan. Tomorrow I start the plan at the crack of dawn and hope I finish by sundown. And I’m praying it doesn’t rain while I’ve got my front door off.

More Rot

Front Door Jamb Rot

Front Door Wood Rot

Yesterday I poked a screwdriver into the rotten wood at the bottom of our front door jamb just to see how far in it would go. Ten minutes later I had removed about 4″ of rotten wood and was facing another urgent project.

A trip to Lowe’s indicated that labor and permits to install a new door would exceed $500 and that wouldn’t include the price of a new door. So instead I’ll try to reconstruct a piece of wood to fill in this gap. And until I can get that done I filled it with a few small pieces of wood block and Great Stuff.

Google Sent Me A Holiday Greeting Card!

2008 Google Holiday Card

Google’s Gifts

Really. Not only did they send me a greeting card, they also sent me two gifts. Receiving them reminded me that my Campus Crusade Visa card directed quite a bit of advertising dollars their way this last year, but even at that I see the incredible value they provided in directing spiritually interested students to

One gift is a 2Gb USB drive. The unique thing about it is that it came in the form factor of a credit card.

The other gift was a gift card – of sorts. It’s actually an opportunity for me to direct a donation from Google to any public school classroom project of my choice.

I am quite pleasantly surprised. Well done, Google. Thank you.

New Cast

Audrey's New Short Cast

Almost free. Today she got a short cast which will give her a lot more freedom. Ironically, she still can’t bend her knee, but in a few days she should regain some flexibility. She got a new graffiti board as well – and a freaky leg of her old cast.