Month: February 2008

Ever Heard a Fish Chew?

Beta Fish

Audrey’s Incredible Chewing Fish

This one falls into the category of causing me to question the meaning of things in my life when things like fish are interesting. But actually there are too many other meaningful things going on in life, so small things provide comic relief.

Ok, so a few weeks ago Audrey got rid of her parakeets. Annie kept eating the parakeet poop and getting sick, so either the birds had to go or the dog. Annie had seniority and edged out the birds.

On Monday Cathy brought home a new pet for Audrey, a beta fish. (Cathy’s Kindergarten class took a field trip to the pet store and each got a fish, including Cathy.) A couple days later Audrey claimed she heard the fish chewing its food.

I didn’t believe it until today. The house was quiet, I’m working from home today, and I dropped one of the fish food pellets in. And I heard the fish crunching on the little pellet. I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t heard it myself.

Unexpected Visit to Ocala

Emergency Repair in Ocala

Stuck in Ocala

It almost made it home. Just south of Chattanooga the alternator started to fail. I replaced the battery in Atlanta and limped along until it was dead. The alternator then failed completely just north of Ocala where I rolled into this repair station. The engine had begun cutting out, so I rolled down the nearest exit ramp, lurched around the corner and coasted to a stop in a vacant lot. I looked up and saw “Auto Repair” on the building next to me. Sort of like dying and finding yourself in heaven, but not so much.

I thanked my good fortune for landing at a repair place, and this repair place thanked their good fortune that some money rolled in off the highway right to their doorstep.

When I finally got home just before midnight everyone was excited to see the car. Best of all, Andrew surprised me by clearing out the other half of the garage, so we parked it inside for the night.

Escort Project


Our new Escort ZX2

This is the new ride. It runs well but looks ugly. “Body work is easy,” says Andrew. We’ll see just how easy it is in the next few weeks as he and I work together to get this one fixed. It will replace our second “loser cruiser” (minivan) and also give Andrew and Audrey the chance to learn how to drive a manual transmission. I just hope I don’t get pulled over on the way home for having non-regulation headlights. At any rate, the price was right; free. (Thanks, Mom!)

Winter Park, Missouri

Winter Park, Missouri

Sleet Covered Streets

Ironically, most people in St. Louis would rather be in Orlando right now, and Cathy, in Orlando, would rather be in St. Louis. All because of the bad, sleety weather. She might feel differently if she had to drive around all day in it like I did yesterday (at a constant 20-30 mph), but she’d probably tolerate the driving if it meant spending some time in the snow. I’m counting on it to melt off by tomorrow when I drive back to Orlando in my NEW CAR!

Well, new to me. It’s really a TOTALLED car that runs fine and which Andrew and I intend to fix together. I’ll post photos of it later today.

Westminster Chapel

Westminster Christian Academy - my old school

Westminster Christian Academy

Today I am speaking at the Westminster Christian Academy chapel service. It would be fun to tell stories on my friends who are now teachers there, but I won’t. I’ve been back to my high school before, but going back to speak in chapel is a little different. It reminds me of the chapel services I sat through, some incredibly boring, and some that I remember to this day.

Here are some places I intend to mention: – a place to find out more about a relationship with God. – the site I help produce promo video – this is a variation of what I played in chapel.

A Little Morning Blizzard

Snow Burst

Snow Burst

I’m in St. Louis this week telling people about our work with The cold air here is a refreshing variety from the warm weather that has been hanging around Orlando lately. This morning we had an instant blizzard. One minute it was sunny, and the next minute you couldn’t see across the yard from all the blowing snow. Then five minutes later the sun was back out melting all the snow that just fell. Nice entertainment for someone who doesn’t get much snow in life.

Cast Off

Audrey's walking cast

Audrey’s walking cast

Audrey got her cast off today, but now she has a walking cast-boot thingy. So far it doesn’t quite feel like freedom to her, especially since it hurts even more to put weight on her bad ankle. But next Monday her braces come off, too, so before long she really will be free again.

The Hidden Blog

After my last post I was surprised at how long it had been since I’d written anything. Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t really stopped writing, I’d just stopped writing here. Before I ever started writing a blog I wrote a journal, and my entries were at roughly the same interval as what I usually write here. My journal has been a good way for me to process thoughts over the years, and I’ve been writing that way for over 20 years. During the recent long span between posts here I have been writing quite a bit in my journal, as there has been a lot to process internally. I’ll start writing about it here when the time is right.

Still Not Done – But Closer

Front Door Progress

Front Door Progress

I see it’s been a while since I wrote anything. That means there has been a lot of things on my mind and no time to process them here.

The front door is getting processed, though, one Saturday at a time. Yesterday I finished all the outside paint, but it took all day. The only reason I had to paint again was because I messed up earlier. I thought all caulk was paintable, but I learned in a most difficult way that the silicone caulk I used isn’t. So I spent two hours removing what was otherwise a beautiful caulk job. I hate caulking, and I normally do a really bad job of it. So it’s only fitting that my best caulk job ever was just a mistake. Anyway, I got the door frame painted finally.

The bottom of the door is still missing a section of wood, and I don’t know how I’ll keep future rain from drawing up under the door again. I bought an aluminum drip guard, but it won’t fit under the door with my new threshold. One more puzzle to solve.

I leave next Saturday for a “ministry partner development” trip, so it will be a few more weeks before I can finish this project.