Month: June 2008

Rising Waters

20 June 2008 - St. Louis high water at Riverfront

Andrew, Audrey, and Cousin Amanda
at the high water point of the Mississippi River
near the St. Louis Gateway Arch

Here in the St. Louis metro area rising waters are the big concern right now. Near where we stayed last week, a community soccer field became a community lake due to the flooding. Only the tops of the soccer goals and the top of the picnic pavilion were visible above the water. We even saw someone paddling their kayak around in it. But none of the places we’ve stayed have been low-lying, so it’s mostly something we’ve seen on TV rather than something we have been affected by. We drive to Wisconsin later this week, though, where some of the roads have been flooded along the way. We’ll see how that goes.

Another Enjoyable Week

Today I have no more appointments, but it’s just as well because I have plenty of work to catch up on. Starting last Sunday I had a week of catching up with friends, meeting new people and telling about what God has done through our work recently. These weeks are always one of the best parts about what we do. It’s energizing to look back and tell people about how God used their investment in this ministry to change lives.

Paducah, Kentucky

Hertzlers and Schmidts in Paducah, Kentucky

Downtown Paducah, Kentucky

Tonight we went to downtown Paducah and walked around the Lowertown Art District. For dinner we had a picnic in the park next to First Baptist, where our friends Grant and Elisabeth got married years ago. Then we went to the “Downtown After Dinner” area by the riverfront and walked around until we’d seen it all and heard it all. A fun evening with family.


We’re on the road today, heading toward Paducah, Kentucky where we’ll stop at Sister’s house and see cousins, see friends, and give an update at one of our partner churches, Heritage Bible Church.

This trip we have three drivers, so it’s been easier, too.

Another Motorcycle

Yamaha Maxim

Yamaha Maxim

A friend of mine let me know of a motorcycle for sale last week; a 1986 Yamaha Maxim. I decided to take it for a test ride, as my friend had it at the office. It has a 700 cc engine, half the size of the V-Rod I rented but it was still a fun ride. It’s not something I was ready to act on, so I figured it was just another fun experience.

But then last night my friend called me again and said the same bike was available for me to ride this weekend if I wanted. The owner is certainly a smart man, providing opportunity for a potential buyer to get hooked on the product. But I’ll take that risk anyway.

Last night I did another night run around the neighborhood, and later today (after I finish my chores) I’ll take it out for another spin.

Cathy’s New Friend, Annie’s New Nemesis

Squirrel in our Patio

Squirrel in our Patio

Annie came and woke Cathy up this morning, terribly concerned about something. She led Cathy to the back door where Cathy discovered this squirrel inside our screened patio. It must have found its way through the tear in the screen that Annie created the last time she bolted out the back door after the squirrel. How ironic.

Anyway, the squirrel was in no hurry to leave but instead took a nap above the screen doorway. Cathy was amused and enjoyed having a new friend for the day. Annie was not amused.