Rising Waters

20 June 2008 - St. Louis high water at Riverfront

Andrew, Audrey, and Cousin Amanda
at the high water point of the Mississippi River
near the St. Louis Gateway Arch

Here in the St. Louis metro area rising waters are the big concern right now. Near where we stayed last week, a community soccer field became a community lake due to the flooding. Only the tops of the soccer goals and the top of the picnic pavilion were visible above the water. We even saw someone paddling their kayak around in it. But none of the places we’ve stayed have been low-lying, so it’s mostly something we’ve seen on TV rather than something we have been affected by. We drive to Wisconsin later this week, though, where some of the roads have been flooded along the way. We’ll see how that goes.

One thought on “Rising Waters

  1. I just checked my google reader, and found out your fam is (or was) in town. Are you still here? Can I see Marge while she’s here?

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