Month: December 2008

I See The Writing On The Wall…

My Facebook account is over two years old, but in the last six months I began using it in earnest. That’s when the critical mass of my coworkers jumped in and made it interesting (for me). Since then, old and new friends have slowly trickled in and added to the fun. About three months ago Cathy started an account and has become a daily Facebook addict herself. She keeps up with cousins, friends in Orlando, friends in Budapest, and other long lost acquaintances.

But all this community publishing has made this blog a bit passé. And I’m not quite sure what to do. It’s public, so it’s easy to find and read and that is a good thing for the team of people who partner with us in ministry. But

Merry Christmas

2008-12-25 Christmas Hertzler T-shirts

…looking a bit sleepy this Christmas

This year the cousins sent us matching Hertzler University t-shirts. Pretty cool.

Here in Orlando today it was about 75 and rainy, a perfect day to stay inside and play with new Christmas gifts.

Slowest Time Ever, But I Finished

2008-12-06 OUC Half Marathon Medal

OUC Half Marathon Finisher’s Medal

Last Tuesday, at the end of four months of training for a half marathon, I pulled my hamstring. It was on a track at the middle school a mile and half away from home at night in, what is for Florida, cold weather (55 F). My walk/hobble home was very cold, but even more disappointing was the realization that the training may have resulted in not being able to run the race. My real reason for doing this race was to stay in shape, so I had actually already accomplished my most important goal. But I still really wanted to run that race!

The pain went away by Wednesday night, but by Friday night I was still not sure what would happen if I tried running on it again, much less running hard.

This morning I found out; my leg worked. In fact, after six miles of running easy I realized it wasn’t going to blow out on me, so I ran the rest of the race hard. It was fun passing all those people who had passed me earlier in the race! Finished in 1:43. Good enough for me this year with enough padding to shoot for beating it next year.

My friend, Ted, beat me this year by almost a mile.