Month: January 2009

Indianapolis and South Asia

One of the things I’m working on this year is an effort to help our ministry in South Asia make better use of Internet media to reach spiritually interested people there with the message of Christ. The project includes other aspects of helping them apply technology to accelerate their ministry, but this one aspect looks the most interesting at the start.

In talking with our U.S. staff members who are already involved in that part of the world I learned that there are others who are making an effort to reach one of the key cities in this area. This is a combination of U.S.-based ministries and South Asia-based ministries, and they are meeting in Indianapolis next month to talk together.

So this looks like a good place for me to jump in and see what we can do to use our Internet sites to help connect with students in this area. and are two of the sites out there, but it’s really too early in the process to say for sure.

MinistryNet 2009

In 2005 in Budapest, Hungary and again in 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand, about 100 CCCI staff members from around the world gathered at the MinistryNet Conference to discuss how they could move Campus Crusade’s evangelistic presence on the Internet forward. Literally tens of thousands of people have indicated decisions for Christ as a result of the initiatives that came from the leaders who attended these conferences and who were inspired to proclaim the gospel on the Internet in their language.

While the dates and location for MinistryNet 2009 have not finalized yet, it looks like it will be in October in either Bangkok or Turkey. Turkey has the lead right now, but we are waiting for bids from the two locations before a final decision.

Tom and I did much of the work planning MinistryNet in Budapest 2005, but this year I am heading up the plans for both the logistics and the program. Cathy is helping me, too, along with a couple other conference planners. I am excited about doing this project!