Month: February 2009

Poor Hamster

Dead Hamster

Dead Hamster

Cathy’s sister, Kristen, arrived today for a visit and was getting a tour of things that had changed since her last time here.

“Oh, Kristen, you have to see our new hamster!” said Cathy as she led her to the little rodent’s cage in our family room.

“Oh look, Kristen. He’s dead!”

Followed by three minutes of laughter where they can’t talk because they’re laughing so hard.

Andrew had found this hamster a few weeks ago wandering outside in our driveway (!), so Cathy and Audrey took it in and borrowed a cage for it. A couple days later we learned that our neighbors had found another hamster wandering around in their driveway and had also taken it in. We tried convincing them that their hamster was the sibling of ours and that it was only right to keep this little hamster family together – at their house – but they didn’t buy it.

And it was strangely coincidental when our white hamster died today, because we learned its brown sibling died just last weekend. Maybe they’re together now running on that big wheel in the sky.

My Last Visit to India – 1997

India 1997 - Friends at Bangalore Bible Church

Jerry and Friends, Bangalore, India

My upcoming trip to South Asia got me digging out some old photos of my last (and only) visit there back in 1997. It was my first trip outside Western culture, and it was quite a memorable experience. I returned with far more questions than I had left with.

At the time, Bangalore was a developing tech center for the world, and the U.S. was outsourcing a lot of work there. But nothing I saw resembled any high tech center I had seen before. It was all quite unfamiliar.

This was also where I had my first mango. I was hooked after the first one. My friends sent me back home with a whole bag of big, tree-ripened mangoes, but the U.S. customs agent in Atlanta confiscated them and wouldn’t even let me eat one before he tossed them in the trash. Now the best I can usually do is find dried mango at the grocery store; the fresh ones just aren’t the same.

I’m hoping my next trip there will leave me with a better understanding of how this part of the world thinks and lots of opportunities to eat their delicious food!

I posted a few more of my photos from 1997 over on Flickr.
India 1997 - On The Beach in Chennai India 1997 - Beauty Parlor Parking Lot India 1997 - Streets of Chennai India 1997 - Scaffolding au Naturelle India 1997 - Building Addition Under Construction