Wow! That was loud.

Hail Storm, Ft. Collins, CO - 7 June 2009

Hail Storm, Ft. Collins

It’s been hailing for the last 30 minutes here. Never seen a hail storm last this long with as much accumulation, about 0.25″. Cathy and Audrey are driving into town today, but they won’t arrive until this afternoon. So they missed the excitement.

Update: The piles of hail didn’t melt until later in the evening, and the next morning there were still piles of hail/snow in the shady corners! That’s more winter in June than we have ever had in Orlando!

One thought on “Wow! That was loud.

  1. So which car received the hail damage? Andy’s or yours?

    Carbondale had bigger-than-golf-ball sized hail last month, in addition to the “inland hurricane” so the insurance adjusters are keeping busy.

    Glad you captured it on film!

    –Beth S

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