Saturday Hike on Longs Peak Trail

At Chasm Lake under Longs Peak

At Chasm Lake Under Longs Peak Summit

Later in the summer Andrew and I hope to climb Longs Peak (14,395 feet), behind us in the picture. This morning we hiked half the distance (4 miles) up to Chasm Lake which sits under its very imposing summit. The last four miles will, of course, be where the majority of the difficulty comes, and they say it takes about 13 hours round trip. And you have to start at 3:00 am so you can make it up and off the summit area before 11:00 am or so to avoid thunderstorms.

It was pretty fun today and not too hard, but I’m sure that last section will be a challenge.

One thought on “Saturday Hike on Longs Peak Trail

  1. Longs Peak this summer . . . then on to Everest!

    I was hoping you all would have a chance to enjoy the mountains.

    (And yes, I still have a weird desire to read all kinds of Everest books.)

    –Beth S.

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