Month: January 2010

People Searching For God Need Your Help. Here’s How.

“How do I know God isn’t just something people invented? Hasn’t Science proved that God doesn’t exist?”

“How can you know what Jesus really said?”

These are the type of questions people ask when they are searching for God, and the Internet is often where they go to find the answers. Campus Crusade for Christ publishes many websites that answer questions like these, but visitors still want to talk with someone personally about their questions.

This is where you can help. By simply sharing your own spiritual experience with visitors to some of these sites, you can help someone find a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You can do this by becoming an online mentor and answering email messages that visitors submit from our various websites.

This is where you can find out more and begin the application process.

Spiritually searching people are waiting for you!

Have phone, will travel

T-Mobile MyTouch phone

T-Mobile MyTouch phone

Google recently release a cool new phone based on its Android phone operating system. This operating system is what our mobile phone project is using, so I borrowed an Android-based phone to get up to speed with it. I’m hoping I can keep this phone long enough to take it with my on the project’s planning trip to Nairobi next month. It has been a long time since my work required me to learn a new gadget, so this has been fun.