Four characters in the wrong place caused my website not to display photos properly. This has been going on for at least six months, but I never spent the time to find the problem.

This month I emailed our prayer letter using a cool service called, and it motivated me to create a subscription page. That drew my attention back to the fact that photos on our site weren’t working properly, so I finally found and removed the cause of the problem, those four characters.

If you see the MailChimp logo below, you know problem is fixed.

MailChimp logo

5 thoughts on “MailChimp

  1. Note: I know this might not the right place, but would love to have you post your expertise in some collaborative space that we’re both a part of.

  2. I exported my mailing list from TNTMPD, modified it so each line had only one name and address, then imported to Mailchimp as a new list. For now I will keep my TNTMPD records synched with Mailchimp manually.

    For my letter I just pasted in my HTML code rather than use a template.

    Try my subscription form:

  3. I am interested in your use of Mail Chimp and TNT MPD. Will you create a new list in Mail Chimp for each email prayer update, or will you edit/modify the list in Mail Chimp?

  4. Doug, I will use the same list for each prayer update, but I’ll create a new campaign for each prayer update letter. I want to develop a custom template that I can use, but in the mean time I’m just pasting in my HTML code that I developed with my old way of sending email prayer letters. I use Seamonkey to edit my HTML –

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