mLearning Class Launch

mLearning Studying

Studying on an mLearning phone

Our first mLearning class started today. It was a bit different than we anticipated, but it started.

The biggest challenge to overcome was the failure of the memory cards we brought with us that contained all the training material. All 50 memory cards were incapable of playing video after just a couple times, so we had to use the smaller memory cards that came with the phones. There were other challenges, too, but we found similar alternate solutions for them as well.

The students are all excited to begin studying this new course. None of the students owned a touch screen phone, so everyone was learning something new. A few felt instantly comfortable and were navigating phone applications like a pro right away, a few followed along with our training and picked things up quickly, and a few needed some additional help.

I think we have a winning solution, and I look forward to seeing how students respond after a couple months of studying this way. The final exam will be in November.

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