Month: October 2010

Kenyan Church in St. Louis!

Youth Group Performance at Christ Covenant Church St. Louis

Youth Group Performance
at Christ Covenant Church

Last Sunday my friend, Paul, introduced me to a Kenyan church in St. Louis, Christ Covenant Church. I was welcomed as an honored guest because my friend had set things up ahead of time, and I had an experience that I didn’t expect. For three hours I was transported from St. Louis to Kenya. At times during the service I caught myself trying to remember where I was; St. Louis, Orlando, or Nairobi? I heard more Swahili in this service than I did at Harvest Fellowship in Nairobi. Afterward we had chai and Kenyan donuts. What a great experience!

My World Is Free ($) – Is Yours?

Now that I am a parent of two older teenagers, I no longer consider myself a great parent (humility is always healthy). I did my job, but now I believe that a lot less was under my control in shaping their lives than I originally thought. One of those things is the way my kids view the world. While I am sure I helped shape some of their views, much of their views came by virtue of the world they live in – where anything valuable for them is free.

There are two categories of ‘teenager free.’ One is the set of things that come to them through the largess of parents. Mobile phones, use of a car, clothes, etc. This category really isn’t free, but it seems like that to them, and we know that someday they will realize how un-free those things are when they are providing them for their kids.

The second category really is free. These are the things like email, video calls, phone calls, music, video, TV, movies, etc. Legality aside, these things are truly available for free and provide true value and may never require payment by those who use them.

Now I find myself becoming dependent on these free things as well.

I have free home phone service (after the first year of payment) that gives me nationwide long distance. I have free voice mail, a free second number, and free transcription service for calls to my cell phone. I have a free secretary that writes down any reminder I tell her to. I have a smart phone (Android) with a slew of free applications on it and a PC loaded with free applications.

Money still goes out my door, so I am paying for plenty enough things in my life, but where my money goes has shifted lately.

I’m still trying to understand how this will affect the way my kids view the world. How do you think today’s free things affect how the next generation will think?