Month: May 2011

Mombasa Class 2 Completion

Mombasa Interview

Jerry Interviews a Mombasa Pastor

Actually none of the pastors we interviewed today were from Mombasa, but that was where we met them all. They took the final exam for the Institute of Christian Leadership course and told us about how their ministries changed as a result of the class and how they had grown spiritually through it.

Philip said he was so grateful for the class because he could not afford to pay for training at a seminary and couldn’t leave his ministry and family. He is a perfect example of why we developed this type of training.

Mombasa Pastor

Pastor Philip

And this is where we landed for the night; Mombasa Beach. No complaints. Back to Nairobi tomorrow.

Mombasa Beach

Mombasa Beach

Mombasa Singing

My favorite music is African, and hearing it sung live is the best. I recorded this at a church gathering of pastors in Mombasa using my video camera, so the audio quality is terrible and the men are only visible halfway through the video. But the music is pure enjoyment.