Month: September 2011


I am thrilled to say I am down to my very last chemo/radiation day!  After my appointment on Monday, I’m done.  Well, I’m done with THIS phase…but since we’re taking one phase at a time, this is a chance to celebrate!  Just in time too, as the effects from radiation have become quite uncomfortable.  Oh well…it was to be expected.  After Monday, things should take a turn for the good and ‘they’ say in two weeks I should feel significantly better.  Until then, sweet friends continue to feed us and my wonderful family continues to let me lay around on the couch and have  control of the remote 🙂  We are incredibly blessed and thank you once again for your encouragement and prayers.

Audrey jumped!

Audrey Skydive Freefall

Audrey’s Skydive

Audrey has wanted to skydive for her birthday for a while, so when she turned 18 she did it! She amazes me. She was not scared and never hesitated.

Here’s the video. It’s big download, so it may take a minute or so before playback starts.

Audrey Skydive Done!

Cathy’s sister, brother in law, and niece came for a visit and also jumped out of the plane with Audrey. My original plan was to drive them all there and watch, but when I got there I realized it was one of those moments in life that only happen once. So I joined them and jumped, too. What a rush!

Skydiving Group

We All Jumped

The only bummer was that Cathy could not join us, but she says, “I have no sadness at all. I am absolutely thrilled that they got to go.”

We jumped with SkyDive City, and I would highly recommend them for a skydiving adventure. Great customer service, friendly staff, and a first-class, safe operation.