When It Rains It Pours

You all know how much I love the rain!  However, watching a gentle rainstorm from the coziness of our home is very different from the raining down of some recent difficulties!  But God is big in both situations.

Last week I (Cathy) was in St. Louis to see family before I have surgery.  I wasn’t watching where I was going and tripped.  I ended up with big scrapes on my face, a black eye, and a broken left pinky that would need surgery!  This would mean two surgeries in a week and a half!

Meanwhile, Jerry was contemplating canceling a trip to Thailand to attend, and make a presentation at, the “MinistryNet: Bangkok 2011″ Conference.  With Bangkok flooding, he might risk getting stuck there and not return in time for my cancer surgery on November 9th.  Many new things for which to trust God!

But today we received good news!  My finger has actually aligned itself correctly in the temporary cast and will not need surgery!  We are so happy!  Jerry had already canceled his trip, but he is at peace about it.  Although I will have to recuperate with only one good hand, the fact that we don’t have to squeeze in an extra surgery is wonderful.

One silver lining in this recent raincloud was that I remained in St. Louis a few extra days to heal. That meant I got to be there when the Cardinals won the World Series, something that almost made the accident worth it!

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