sleeping in her room for the night

[12:00] Cathy is in her room and sleeping on and off. The pain meds are doing their job, so she is not terribly uncomfortable, but she is exhausted. .

Tomorrow is a new day. Thanks for praying for her today.

3 thoughts on “sleeping in her room for the night

  1. Glad that things have gone well. We will keep praying for her recovery. Tell her many people in Hungary love her and pray for her, but of course, the Peck’s are the one’s that love her the most over here 🙂

  2. Very Happy to her that everything went well. Will continue to keep praying, also for speedy recovery. God is in control, be strong. See you soon. LUV from the Best family

  3. I am praying for her. Praise God for his grace and mercy to that dear girl.

    And tell her that Monkees music will help speed the healing.

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