Two challenges today

Just after Cathy finished her walking tour of the hospital room, the good day she was having presented some challenges.

Her IV port problems had developed to the point where they required a specialist to put a new one in, but during the three hours while we waited for the specialist, Cathy got no pain medication. Shortly after she got back into bed from her walk and got the new IV port installed, her back developed some very acute pain. It was difficult for her to tolerate and difficult for me to watch with no way of helping.

Shortly after the pain meds kicked back in and gave her some relief from the intense pain, her surgeon visited us for a consultation. She explained that Cathy might need a smaller follow-up surgery in a few weeks, but it is still uncertain if that is required. While we are not happy with this possibility, we know God is taking care of us and will get us through it if it’s required.

In the mean time we will be praying that God gives our doctors wisdom and good judgment while they discuss Cathy’s situation and form a recommendation.

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