Month: May 2012

How’s Cathy doing?

No news is good news. I just realized how little I have posted about Cathy since near the end of her chemo treatment. Perhaps this is due to the fact that chemo wasn’t as hard as we anticipated!

With the end of chemo came a sigh of relief and a celebration of not having to go to the chemo floor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center again. Ironically though, it came with other unique challenges. Rather than all things coming to a nice peaceful end, this phase has generated more doctor’s appointments. They’re all good appointments…making sure Cathy is cancer free, healed, ready to go. But more appointments nonetheless. It’s also been a strange time of greater energy…thus thinking she can be very productive again…but realizing it’s not quite working like that. This phase requires a ‘new normal,’ and it’s taking a little time to learn what that is.

It’s official now: Cru

Cru logo

Campus Crusade for Christ announced its intentions to change its official US name last summer, and the plan was to make this official sometime in 2012. That change happened last week, and our US organization is now named, Cru.

Cathy and I are part of a group that reports to a global vice president, so we are part of the organization that will retain the name, Campus Crusade for Christ.

Confused? Don’t worry, either name will work in the US.