Month: November 2012

5 things I learned this year

1. Hospitals are not places you want to stay in long.

2. My wife is really strong.

3. I won’t understand why. I don’t know why God blessed us so much during this cancer year. I thought it was supposed to be terrible. Sure, it was difficult at times, but we have had friends who brought us meals, an organization that gave Cathy space to go through this treatment without pressure of losing her job, a team of ministry partners who gave generously and prayed endlessly, and the team I work directly with filled in on things I couldn’t do because I couldn’t travel.

4. I didn’t miss traveling like I expected. A year of being home each weekend and riding with the Eastside Cycling Club has made me a stronger rider and introduced me to new friends. That has been fun.

5. Cancer puts it all into perspective. Health isn’t the most important thing, our souls are. And we prayed far more for the health of the souls of our children than we did for the health of Cathy’s body. And we’ll keep praying.

I suspect God has at least five more things for me to learn this coming year, too.