Month: July 2013

One Down, Two To Go.

Cathy’s white blood cell count entered “normal” territory today, so that is really good news! That is the first problem that is now solved. It also helps solve the other two problems. One is the infected fluids in her abdomen that are slowly being removed by drain, antibiotics, and the now-increased white blood cells. The other problem is finding the hole that allowed the fluids to leak into her abdomen in the first place. At this point her doctor thinks that by Thursday things might be at a point where they can do a scan of the area and see what things look like. In the meantime, it’s life at the hospital.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center is not a bad hospital to be stuck at, but it is still a hospital. The nursing staff is generally very good, and the room is private and has a Murphy bed that I have been sleeping on each night. Andrew and Audrey are home taking care of the pets and things, and I have been able to get home once a day to do one thing or another. We are doing OK. As much as we would rather be at home, we don’t want to be there until Cathy can eat and drink regularly.

Stable and Doing Better

The last two days have seen steady progress in the right direction for Cathy. After getting moved to an “Intermediate Critical Care” floor for a day she did well enough to return to the normal floor last night. Her white blood cell count has risen, and the fluid infection seems to be slowly clearing off. The cause of the leaking fluids in her abdomen (that got infected) is still unknown, but the only option now is to keep her system as free of food and liquid as possible and hope the hole heals over on its own. Surgery is not an option with so few white blood cells as she has, so we keep praying.

Not Out of the Woods Yet

The day started out well with Cathy getting a procedure to fix the infection in her abdomen. This was the main reason she went to the hospital yesterday. She was in recovery and doing well, and we were looking forward to possibly getting home tomorrow.

But an early evening visit from her surgeon brought some different news. Her white blood cell count is dangerously low, and the situation is compounded by this infection. But the infection is showing some unusual signs that may indicate other problems. At this point we just don’t know. But we know that God knows.

(Again, this is not directly cancer related and doesn’t involve the lungs).

We are praying that her white blood cell counts rise and that this issue in her abdomen gets resolved quickly! Thanks for joining us in prayer.

A Detour to the Hospital

Cathy has had some recent abdominal pain, and after some tests today it looks like she has an internal infection that requires a hospital stay. So plans changed today, and we are heading to the hospital. Hopefully this will get cleared up in a day or two with some good antibiotics. And hopefully her chemo-suppressed immune system won’t leave her too exposed to other hospital bacteria and viruses. I’ll do my best to post some updates as she improves.

Still Going Well

Today was another chemo day for Cathy, but this time they added the nasty chemo drug back into the mix at a lower dose. And this time it worked without giving her severe nausea. She made it through the day well and is on the home-pump phase now. Usually the strong anti-nausea drugs she gets at the cancer center last for a few days, and she feels fine during that time. But after they wear off the nausea sometimes returns, so we’ll see.

We are praying things keep going well. Chemo therapy is no fun, but I think we found a balance that can work for Cathy for the three remaining treatments.

Another Good Chemo Day

Today was another good day at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, if there is such a thing. The nasty chemo drug was absent again, and Cathy’s experience was tolerable. I think we found the culprit. And as long as the remaining mix is effective, this might move the regimen back into the range where she can survive it.

We are thankful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. We like how God answered them today!

Good News!

It’s always fun to post good news, and we get to do that today. The CT scan Cathy had last Friday indicated that the spot (which actually became “the spots” during the conversation today and which is still consistent with the earlier analysis we got) shrunk during the last six weeks!

This is good news!

Another bit of good news is that Cathy will get another break in the mix of chemo drugs she gets this week. This will be the same mix that made life much easier for her the last two weeks after her last round.

So today was a good day.