Jerry’s identity stolen

Scam from Jerry pics 2014-02

Screen Shot of my “Wanted” post

This week two separate women have emailed me saying someone used my photo on a dating site to contact them and try to scam them out of money. These women did research using Google’s image search and discovered my image is the one being used in association with the names, William Milo, Charles Clemons, Michael Corlo, and Mark Klose Vilo. Worse yet, my image is posted on a “dating site scam” forum. D’oh!

This guy (or guys, or woman – who knows?) used several picture of MY life to pose for his life. And they used Audrey’s pics, too, and claimed her as their daughter. Where’s my shotgun?

It’s hard to describe how angry this makes me! Feels worse than having my things stolen or even my house invaded. At least it’s not my name. I always thought my credit cards would get stolen, not my face!

And if you are one of the women contacted by this poser, beware!

7 thoughts on “Jerry’s identity stolen

  1. Make that 3 Jerry, A.K.A….William Milo! The voice did not match the picture and I’m glad the smile of yours really might be from a nice guy, not the imposter. The picture of you and Audrey is sweet and I’m sure your real life story is better then his made up history.
    take care…

  2. Jerry,

    I am sorry to say the person is still using your identity. He was on under the name alb01281965. Using the name Michael Todd Chimon and email address is I decided to do a search on the photos he sent and I found your blog. I am so sorry this individual is using your photos. The individual has not requested any money from me. He is also on Facebook under Michael T Chimon. I also found him on the Linkedin website under Michael Todd Chimon. I have emailed him the links I found showing your identity stolen. Your family looks nice and sorry her used you and your daughters photo.

    1. well scammer michael t. chimon has been e-mailing me since April 2,2015 found me on match .com and I’ve been trying to research and research and things now are starting to come together.. T his jerk told my his daughter Audrey was sick and in the hospital for a week back in April that is why we couldn’t meet the week of my birthday even sent me flowers. now he is trying to get thousands of dollars from me and he will not get / wish we could stop is sick person!!!

  3. Thank you, Cindy!

    Facebook was no help when I notified them about this problem. Their automated systems couldn’t seem to understand what was happening.

    1. jerry hello though I would pass this on to you Michael t. Chimon said he was in the Dominican republic and was using front man by name of Horicao Yaque Gabriel.. this is who he wanted me too send money to not that I ever did.. at most the jerk sent me flowers for my birthday.. again so sorry that he has done this to you.. this is the cell phone he is or isn’t using 1-951-777-9025 it is a calf number. hope it helps.

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