Stuck in customs. Grrr.


This is the box at Ethiopian Customs agency at the airport in which sits my memory chip duplicator. I paid $1500  for it, but they want $8000 duty tax from me to bring it into the country. And only to use it for 1 week and then take it back home. This really frustrating!

But in trying to get the right approvals and letters in order to get it out I got to see a few more parts of Addis Ababa then I would have otherwise. And I got to meet a few people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise either.


This is Sami. He is one of our online missionary volunteers. He’s about to graduate from University and he will be joining the staff of our organization here in Ethiopia called Great Commission ministries. Sharp guy.


Today we made 2 trips to the airport in an attempt to get our duplicator back. On our second trip coming back to the truck we found it had a flat tire. So we had another adventure changing it, but it finally worked out. As frustrated as I am about losing use of the duplicator this week, I had a really fun day driving around town trying to get it out of the docket.

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