We Survived Irma

We stayed in Orlando for Hurricane Irma, and things went well for us. Our power never went out, and we had no damage to our house. Our trees took a beating, and we didn’t have Internet all day but that was the extent of our difficulties. Most everyone else in Florida was not as fortunate, as 2/3 of the state was without power at some point last night.

Our house AFTER the hurricane

Thank you for your prayers for our safety and that we would have minimum damage. For us this was true, so we are very grateful. We also had no anxiety during the storm, despite the whole things being like… a hurricane. We got a good night’s sleep (and kept an eye on how things developed during the night).

Today was clean up day, checking on the neighbors, and getting ready to get back to our regular work tomorrow.

Thanks again for your concern for us and for your prayers!

The picture here is AFTER the hurricane. You’ll have to look hard to see the difference between the BEFORE pic; a few less leaves on the tree.

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